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Blooming Bubbles Sticker
Blooming Bubbles Sticker

Blooming Bubbles Sticker

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The Blooming Bubbles 

The Blooming Bubbles sticker is Alyssas depiction of the gentle, hydrating and cleansing feeling Calendula gives your skin. 

Add a sticker and spruce up your reusable bottles! Durable weather proof sticker designed by Alyssa Lee

Alyssa Lee lives in Honolulu, HI and has been drawing since she can remember. She majored in Art at the University of Hawaii and continues to explore different mediums. She is a lover of the ocean and spends her weekends on boats and visiting sea creatures. Alyssa is inspired by other peoples thoughts passions and brings a new meaning through visual expression. This is her visual expression of the thoughts in my head!

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