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Organic Chamomile Lavender Tea

Organic Chamomile Lavender Tea

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Organic Chamomile Lavender Tea

Chamomile and Lavender offer an herbal yet floral taste and smell! This tea taste amazing cold or hot but my personal favorite is iced with a touch of honey and dehydrated lemons(check our house collection to find our homegrown dehydrated Meyer lemons)!

How to:
Heat water and add tea bag( you can tie a knot in the tea bag or lay bag over lip of pot or cup). Steep for 10 minutes or more. The longer you steep the stronger it gets and the more water you can add to make more than 4 cups.

Add honey and dehydrated lemons to taste. So good and so refreshing!

Each jar contains 7 tea bags
Each bag makes 4 cups of tea.

Ingredients:*Chamomile, *Lavender