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Dehydrated Meyer Lemons

Dehydrated Meyer Lemons

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Dehydrated Lemons are a perfect addition to many drinks, food and even home decor!

Our favorite ways to use dehydrated lemons are by adding it to tea(try it with our chamomile lavender blend), cold/hot water, cocktails, mocktails, desserts, or even munch on them straight from the jar!

Dehydrated Meyer Lemon from our organic 30 year old lemon tree on our farm in Healdsburg, CA.


Chamomile Lavender Tea
4-6 cups of hot water
1 bag of Chamomile/Lavender tea(from our jar)
1-2 dehydrated lemons
1tsp or more of honey

Add tea bag to water, steep for 10+ minutes, after steep remove bag and add honey, cool mixture in refrigerator and add lemons just before serving. As the lemons re-hydrate they will slowly release a beautiful lemon flavor finishing of this herbal ice tea! You can add more or less honey or lemons depending on preference!

Garden Mocktail:
1 tsp. honey
A few mint leaves or (rose petals, lavender buds)
1 dehydrated lemon slice
1 cup of sparkling water

Add honey and a touch of sparkling water and mix to help disintegrate. Add a few mint leaves, a slice of dehydrated lemon and add sparkling water. Enjoy on Ice.