A Local Hydrating Silky Smooth Soap made from California Organic Olive Oil paired with Herbs and Florals from my garden

Red Clay Soap Dish
Red Clay Soap Dish
Red Clay Soap Dish

Red Clay Soap Dish

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This soap dish vision was brought to life by ceramic artist Lara Head. The modern design with elevated lines is not only eye catching but specifically curated to keep your soap dry and lasting longer. The clay is fired but unglazed to help pull in extra moisture aiding in the drying process. This dish can be used for any natural soap, shampoo or conditioner bar.


Soak in water and brush any residual soap


Place in dishwasher 


All soap dishes slightly vary due to their handmade nature

Diameter: Approx. 4-5"

Height: Approx: 1.5"