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Pyrite Bath Bomb w/ Organic Coconut Oil
Pyrite Bath Bomb w/ Organic Coconut Oil
Pyrite Bath Bomb w/ Organic Coconut Oil
Pyrite Bath Bomb w/ Organic Coconut Oil

Pyrite Bath Bomb w/ Organic Coconut Oil

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*Lemon Bergamot Pyrite Bath Bomb*
* Every Crystal purchase comes with a free 15 minute consultation with Daniela who is a Certified Crystal Healer!

Uplift you spirits and boost your mood with this confidence building Bath Bomb!

We've specifically included pyrite, lemon bergamot essential oil, and yellow calendula flowers to stimulate and deepen your connection to the Solar Plexus Chakra located in the core of your body. These colors and scents coupled with the stone stimulate the "I do" attitude and mantra!

Like all of our bath bombs, this is carefully created from all-natural ingredients such as Organic Coconut Oil, Essential oils and only the use of herbs, clays and flowers for colorants.

*Crystal Properties:
~Pyrite is like a respected mentor whose sole purpose is to grab you at your core and remind you of how capable and badass you are! It helps sweep away self-doubt and negative self talk and replaces it with "Get up! Let's kick this day's A$$! You're golden baby!" You can look at Pyrite like a golden trophy or award on your mantle reminding you of how confidence and determination can take you anywhere you want to be! Pyrite doesn't take no for an answer. It is an excellent energy shield and attracts an abundance of good luck and positivity in love, business or your personal life. It blocks fatigue, negative energy and pollutants including infectious diseases. It quiets feelings of inadequacy, relieves anxiety and frustration, and boosts self-worth so you can tap into your natural abilities to get the juices flowing. It strengthens your ambitious bones and makes you want to stay the course, all the while excited for what's to come next. It is particularly helpful with business dealings and diplomacy - a great thing to have on your work desk!~


*How to Use:
- Draw yourself a nice warm bath
- Prepare your perfect setting by grabbing a cup of tea, playing soothing music, lighting candles or incense, dimming the lights, etc
- Hold the bath bomb in your hands and get excited about the energy that the crystal brings and any intentions you've set
- Drop your bath bomb into the tub and ease your way in making sure not to step or sit on your crystal
- Relax and breathe deeply imagining your body soaking up all the beautiful energy from the crystal and essential oils
- Soak for as long as you'd like
- When finished and exiting the bath be sure to remove your stone before draining
- Pat dry to keep coconut oil on your skin after bath
- As you are drying and the bath water is draining, visualize all things that don’t serve you being dried or wash away down the drain
- Take a moment to say "Thank you" for this experience and carry the amazing feeling with you for the rest of your day

-Treating yourself to a crystal bath once a month is a great way to maintain balance in your physical, emotional, and mental body.

*Post-Bath Crystal Care and Use:
- Be sure to thoroughly dry your crystal with a soft towel after the bath
- The best place to put your crystal is wherever your heart desires! Pyrite energizes the area it is placed in and it is sometimes displayed in a room or place where business is conducted, places that inspire creativity and productivity, or any place where a flash of gold can give you a quick confidence boost.

*Ingredients: Pyrite, Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Organic Coconut Oil, Yellow Brazilian Clay, Rosemary Lemon Essential Oil, Water.

*Storage: Bath bombs keep the longest in an air tight container.
*Pat dry after bath to keep hydrating coconut oil on your skin.*